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With 15+ years of award-winning automotive and CRM experience, Affinity Auto Group, LLC (AAG) and its affiliates have a singular focus: create and administer the best member-based auto buying programs in the industry for large-scale corporate clients to enhance the credibility and trust associated with their brands.

AAG builds custom Auto Buying Programs for each client, offering a VIP buying process and low, pre-arranged pricing that result in member satisfaction of over 97%.

Over the last five years, our affiliated auto-buying programs have helped more than 2 million members purchase more than 1 million vehicles through our participating dealers.

AAG's auto buying programs provide unsurpassed member value and the peace of mind that comes with working with a Tier 1 CRM vendor with ACR and IRC Certification.

Our Mission

Deliver custom designed Auto Buying Programs with significant member benefits that maximize our partner's brand, value proposition, and ability to attract and retain members.

Core Values

When partnering with AAG, you can be confident knowing these guiding principals set the standards for everything we do. We strive every day to meet these values and take ownership for the company's accomplishments — and that's a standard you can hold us to.

  • Offer unique, valued member services that reinforce our client's brand
  • Provide unparalleled customer service
  • Act honestly and with integrity at all times
  • Advocate the best interests of our clients and their members

While simplistic, our core values run deep. Ingrained into everything we do, these values guide our behavior; they illustrate what is important to us and drive the interactions we have with each other, our customers, partners and vendors.